Gregorios Patio

The time has come to enjoy the season’s simplest pleasures: sunshine, fresh air, and delicious food and drinks. With temperatures getting warmer by the day, what could be more fitting than a meal with a view? Whether it’s American fare, a classic breakfast, upscale dining, or a refreshing cocktail, finding a seat on a patio in Wyandotte is just what this weather ordered!

Traffic Jam Boutique can be deceiving from the outside. Their large glass window displays features business casual women’s attire on one side and sparkling gowns on the other. Curiosity is aroused. How can one shop offer these extremes in fashion? After being warmly greeted walking into the store, the plethora of merchandise is smartly displayed. There are outfits, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and yes, dresses – all tucked in one location.

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