Downriver Stone Design is an experienced, honest and affordable family owned business that provides a stress free process while guiding you through the sensitive responsibility of creating a personal memory of a loved one.


The benefits of retail therapy: Making purchase decisions reduces residual sadness. Yes often times we may find ourselves a little overwhelmed with the urge to splurge. Facts show that a little retail therapy is good for the mind and body. Thankfully to these 9 little gems, you don't have to break the bank to relieve some stress and feel good again.

Meet Pete Haugabook - Get Your Body Rockin"

Exersthetic Evolution= mind, body, movement. Yes, it’s a new term! This name comes from combining exercise with changing of the body for complete renewal to get results in your physical fitness and life changing goals. This program is user friendly and personalized just for you! Peter Haugabook, owner and certified personal trainer, says everybody has a general goal, but this is a different way to approach it.



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