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    The Mitten Pub: Jason Reedy, Jason Reese, And Steve Thomson

    The Mitten Pub: Established by Friends for Friends

    It seems like these days it’s nearly impossible to find a place that can satisfy all of your friends. Whether you enjoy Michigan Craft Beers, domestic pilsner or a favorite cocktail you don’t have to look any further than The Mitten Pub.

    Located on Sycamore Street in Downtown Wyandotte, Mitten Pub features all of the above and much more. As the name implies, Michigan and it it’s many breweries and rich history and culture are all mainstays in the pub. The interior celebrates this, with Detroit sports memorabilia and a collection of historic Michigan license plates. The bar displays highway style signs listing all the cities that breweries across the state call home. Sounds of music and laughter among friends fill the space during the evening hours.

    Friends gather at The Mitten Pub in Downtown WyandotteThe Mitten Pub is the brainchild between three great friends and Wyandotte residents, Jason Reedy, Jason Reese, And Steve Thomson. The idea started on a road trip during which Reedy and Reese visited as many Michigan breweries as possible. They wanted to have a space that celebrated the diversity of Michigan craft beer, while not being intimidating, but instead welcoming to those who were satisfied with typical domestic favorites. ”This isn’t just for craft beer aficionados. We’ve got something for everybody you want a Coors Light, a PBR, a Budweiser, We’ve got that for you. We drink those, too.” Reedy says, “Drinking beer should be fun, accessible, and social; regardless of what your taste is.” Reedy has a deep knowledge and appreciation of beer. This love of beer has even led him and his co-owners to brew their own beer, in cooperation with Mountain Town Brewing Company. Mitten Hop is a wonderfully hoppy amber ale, and can be found exclusively on tap at The Mitten Pub so long as their supply lasts.

    The Mitten Pub features many domestic classics, rotating Craft beer on tap, as well as in bottles. shot specials weekend nights, and excellent selections on their pub food menu. The star of their menu is locally made Spanitz Bros. Sausages. The Mitten Pub is the perfect place to catch sporting events as well, with NFL Sunday Ticket and a ”Build your own Bloody Mary bar.”

    During Wyandotte’s frequent downtown events, weather permitting The Mitten Pub features unique patio specials, including house-made Sangria.

    Find It Here In The Dotte: THE MITTEN PUB

    WHAT: Michigan Craft Beer, Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar, NFL Sunday Ticket, & Spanitz Bros. Sausages

    WHERE: 132 Sycamore StreetDowntown Wyandotte

    CONTACT: (734) 285-6104


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