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    Are you a freelance writer? Work for us!Are you a amateur and freelance video person?

    Now Hiring Freelance Videographer

    We’re looking to add Mutli-Media Freelancer's to our awesome team!  Are you a videographer with rock steady hands and eyes of an eagle from the Downriver / Detroit Area. Do you have mad editing skills that cut and slash like a ninja?

    We need Amateur / Freelance Video & Mutli-Media Persons to help us produce works to publish online and social media. We can't afford the professionals.


    Our freelancers are tasked with capturing fun, interesting and informative moments to use for our advertising purposes. You, along with us, will meet with our local clients which come from various industries (everything from restaurant, beauty salon, clothing and retail stores, sweet shops and more). We’re looking to hire qualified entry level or amateur video persons who are confident in their abilities to produce quality work. We produce fresh advertising pieces that are resonating, engaging and brief. This is low-volume creation, which means we will assign you a couple projects per week with a deadline.

    We invite you to peruse two of our YouTube Channels to preview some work we do

    We also invite you to look over our www.inthedotte.com website content and Business Spotlights for an impression of what we do and look into bringing to life some of the written page to video.


    • Able to speak fluently in English
    • Have transportation
    • Have some basic experience filming video (operating a camera)
    • Having some knowledge about sound and lighting will be helpful
    • Video editing capability is a big plus
    • Have experience adapting filiming in various locations and settings
    • Be focused with extra attention to detail and fun - we don't like boring advertising
    • Have a vested interest in challenging yourself
    • Students and amateurs are welcome to inquire. We are not looking for professionals if we can't afford you
    • If you can operate a DSLR Camera and at least own a smart phone with a camera and if you are creative, adaptable, detail-oriented, and interested in creating a fresh approach to video making, then we are excited to work with you!

    Who we are:

    Our company is MediaGrump LLC which is mainly operated by the quirky couple Dan and Stacy Cataldo. We are a team of marketing and advertising specialists for the local Small Business Community. Our client base is the Downriver area. In addition to creating marketing pieces for our clients, we also custom design websites and create email and social media campaigns. Our main focus is on the magazine brands that we own and publish, such as our Shop & Dine | In The Dotte Magazine.

    We are creative, friendly, flexible and think we have a good reputatiuon in the local community. We have our own in house Graphic Design team and are in need of additional creative writers.

    We require project confidentiality until it is completed and publicly released by our company.

    Please call or message us to schedule a time we can talk

    Company Website: MediaGrump Marketing mediagrump.com

    Phone: 734-785-4448

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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