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    Pat Hand, Owner of Discount Drinks in Wyandotte, MI.

    Meet Pat Hand - Owner of Discount Drinks

    In Pat Hand’s office there is a collection of Jack Daniel’s bottles on a shelf near the ceiling; a dozen bottles or more, many with numbers other than the traditional #7.

    discount drinks logoPat explains that the numbers indicate other master distillers at the distillery. That the #1 distiller was Jack Daniel himself but there have been six others all indicated by a different number. “So number seven is the guy that has been distilling there during our lifetimes. I’ve been collecting them for a few years now.  I’m a real bourbon enthusiast.”

    Discount Drinks has walls of bourbon and whiskey from as far away as Scotland and as close as Detroit, however, Pat’s current passion is wine. “I’m in the process of hiring a wine expert to help people with their wine selections. I want people with less wine experience to be able to come in, talk with myself, Dave, or our expert about how to pair wine with food, or best varietals based on their tastes while keeping an eye on value. And we’re going to do a complete remodel with the New Year. The wines will be better organized, more accessible price-wise, and in a winery inspired décor.”

    Discount Drinks has two catered wine tasting events a year, and single brand tastings in the store twice a month. “Wine tastings are a fantastic way to grow your knowledge of wine and your personal tastes.  You can try, red, white, sweet, dry… Michigan, Californian, Spanish, Australian… Pinots, Malbecs, Cabs, Syrahs…all with appetizers.  You get to talk to the reps about the type of wine, how it’s made, how it’s aged, where it’s from.  It’s a fun way to educate yourself at a great price.” Discount Drinks also has its own wine club.  “For $3.99 you buy our four pack wine bag  and each time you fill it we give you ten percent off. The bag basically
    pays for itself the first time.”

    Pat’s staff is educated in the arts of distillation and fermentation, too.  Dave Houston, Pat’s assistant manager, was a former wine rep for a local distributor.  Dave and other members of the staff like Rick Jones have been with Pat for over a decade. “We have a friendly staff.  With almost a thousand wines on the shelf some people can be daunted by the selection.  You don’t need to be a wine expert to come to Discount Drinks.  Someone is here to help.”

    On the store floor,  Pat informs me that they receive five to twenty new specialty beers a week. He talks about the explosion of Michigan breweries and how the market has changed drastically just within the last few years.  “Macro beers and whiskeys will never go away, but micro is hot now.” He points out small batch bourbons and whiskies coming out of Colorado, Seattle, Virginia, and Michigan. “We send out emails about a small batch beer or whiskey we’ve gotten in, and I have guys in the store an hour later.” Don’t like wine?  “We do beer tastings twice a year, too.”

    He tells me the story of how his dad, Jerry, tired of the yo-yo supermarket prices of Coke, started Discount Drinks in 1981 on the premise that you should be able to get a six-pack of pop at one low price, at one location, all the time.  Pat has continued that tradition, but with wine, beer, and liquor. “We still have the best prices, but now, we also have the widest selection.”

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