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    Jee's Top 5 Thai Food - Wyandotte's Secret Gem

    There are plenty of great Thai restaurants throughout downriver, but if you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine, there’s only one option:

    Wyandotte’s very own Jee’s Top 5 Thai Food, located on Fort Street just before Eureka. jees food3

    Owned and operated by Jeeronan Sturdy and her partner Dave, Jee’s Top 5 Thai food offers downriver a taste of genuine Thai flavor. Jee grew up in Thailand. The middle child of seven children, she often found herself waking up with her mother at four in the morning to begin cooking, not only for her family, but regularly for her entire town. Her other siblings often helped, but never seemed to have the passion, talent, or work ethic that she possessed. Jee brings all of these things in spades to her food, and it shows wonderfully in her restaurant.

    While she’s always had an intense love for cooking, owning a restaurant is not where she had thought she would end up. Her restaurant seemed to happen almost by accident. After immigrating to the United States in 2000, she worked up to four jobs at once while putting herself through school. She had a friend, who had started a Thai restaurant but due to unforeseen circumstances had to close its doors a short time after opening. One day, while shooting pool with Dave, the two started talking, hypothetically, about what it would be like to own their own restaurant. The more they talked, the more they realized this was a real possibility. After a few more months of planning, Jee took the money she had been saving for years and made their plans reality. It may not have been her dream before opening, but now it s her driving force in life. “This place is my goal and my dream, I will see it to the end until I can no longer work,” she says, gesturing to the entire space with a loving look in her eye.

    Jee admits that running a restaurant is more work than she thought it would be but that doesn’t make her love cooking any less. Passion for cooking and customer service is a key theme at Jee’s Top 5 and it shows. Her face lights up as she talks about how much she cares for her food. “I have nothing but love for cooking. When you put your heart and your soul into something, it comes out perfect,” motioning to her chest. She greets all of her regular customers with a cheerful smile and a warm embrace. Her drive for her work extends outside of business hours and outside of the four walls of her restaurant. She frequently stays after hours doing prep cooking until midnight, sometimes even one in the morning. She grows all of the peppers in her garden at home organically. Despite all the work running the restaurant has turned out to be, it is all worth it, she says. When she sees the face of a satisfied customer, how fulfilled her food makes them, she knows what she is doing matters. Smiling, she expresses, “You cannot keep nice things to yourself, you have to give back. I love making people happy, it always makes me happy.”

    Watching her at work, in her element, you can really see just how much she puts in. It’s almost like watching a professional athlete. Her movements are fluid but deliberate, simultaneously forceful and precise, yet delicate when crucial. If watching her can give you a feeling of her skill and passion, tasting lets you experience it. Her flavors are bold yet subtle where appropriate, portions are fulfilling but not overbearing. Each ingredient momentarily shines and ebbs out letting the others have their moment in the spotlight. It is truly the most unique experience you can have with Thai food in the Downriver area.

    For more information about Jee’s Top 5 Thai Food call 734-285-2333

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    Located atjees food
    3391 FORT STREET


    Tue-Fri:11:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Sat: 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Sun: 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Closed Mondays & Major Holidays

    Written by Scott A. Humphrey

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