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    Wyandotte Restaurant Week | Eat In The DOtte

    Eat In The Dotte - Wyandotte Restaurant Week

    #EatInTheDotte 2016

     Who's Participating?

    Eat InTheDotte 2016 Has Ended. Thank you to everyone that participated.

    The event was a wonderful success and we will do this again soon. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of other upcoming events.

    Over 20 Particiapting Businesses! Most of them are sure to be some of your favorites. Take a look >>   You can preview all the deals here

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    What is Eat In The Dotte?

    Be Sure to Use this Passphrase  --
    "I would like to see your Eat InTheDotte Special Offers please."

    Feed your belly and lose your mind during Eat In The Dotte (Wyandotte) Restaurant Week beginning October 5th - 15th.

    What to Watch Out For -

    The promotion allows diners to enjoy some of the best Wyandotte has to offer. Some places will offer a simple selection where other restaurants will offer three-course fixed-price meals.

    Some Featured Price Points

    LUNCH - $6 | $8 | $10 | $12
    DINNER - $8 | $10 | $12 | $15 | $18 | $25 | 2 for $40 | 2 for $60
    SWEETS & TREATS - $4 | $6 | $8 | $10

    Who's Participating? Over 20 Participating Businesses for Eat In The Dotte

    Over 20 Particiapting Businesses! Most of them are sure to be some of your favorites. Take a look >>   You can preview here

    Wyandotte has plenty to offer everyone. In the mood for Asian? Wyandotte proudly features a fantastic Sushi Bar, two Chinese Restaurants and two Thai Restaurants. Italian you say? There are three to choose from and each of them are ranked among some of the best in Metro Detroit. Comida Mexicana? Wyandotte boasts three - yes that's right, three fantastic Mexican Cuisine locations. Are you a meat eater looking for a steak? You'll find it in the Wyandotte. Going green by being Vegan? We got, with two restaurants that each feature a great Mediterranean Menu and Total Health Foods Deli.

    Here's a little secret. Wyandotte is becoming the BBQ Authority in the area. Yes it's true. With one of the largest BBQ competition events around Michigan, Wyandotte also features some fantastic BBQ Food Restaurants and Pitmasters. You can find the latest addition in Downtown Wyandotte called Alvi's BBQ. It's real good. And we can't leave out Hometown BBQ hero Jay Ray's BBQ & Catering, winner of the BBQ Rib Throwdown 3 years running. And then there is Dale Ave-Lallemant and his Brotherhood of Swine BBQ Competition Team and BBQ Food Trailer. Each BBQ Master has their own flavor, we recommend you try each one when you can.

    Pierogi. Yes we have the Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen located at 125 Elm Street. But there is also Polonus, one of Wyandotte's long time Polish Restaurants. Wyandotte once took pride at being an Italian and Polish heritage town. Although now there are more Italian Restaurants then there are Polish eateries, we think the Polish have taken the lead when it comes to population census.

    Several outdoor patios when the weather is fit such as Bourbons Brews & Bayou and we have waterfront views along the Detroit River. Wyandotte definitely has it all. We round it all out with sandwich delis and sub shops such as CIA Cheesesteak Institute of America and Jersey Giant Wyandotte and we even have two Subway Shops in town with one of them inside Henry Ford Hospital. We have diners, cafes such as Biddle Blend, wine bistros and martini bars, pizzerias and sports bars. Yes Wyandotte is known for its many bars scattered through the different neighborhoods. Did we mention there are two Broasted Chicken take outs.

    And in Wyandotte we eat our burgers, no we mean hamburgers and sliders like Joes hamburgers, The Rockery, Brooklyn's and The Oak Cafe. That's just a few of them.

    Who doesn't like sweets and treats? We have our very own Sanders Wyandotte, Bob Jo's Frozen Custard, Stroh's Ice Cream Parlour, Sweet Nothings Fine Cakes and Desserts...We have Cakeballs too at A Serendipity Cakery and many more!

    Look around next time you're in town. You just might discover something new.

    Looking for the #EatInTheDotte Restaurant Week Offers? Please Click Here

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