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    Downriver Rocks - Inspiring the Community

    Downriver Rocks

    There is a new sensation in downriver and it is spreading fast. It is a group of genuine people using art to bring a little joy to the community.

    The group has attracted good people doing good things by using painted rocks to promote a spiritual uplift or a simple smile to the downriver area.

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    About two months ago Jan Coyne-Henkel and here sister Brenda Tyra, both native to Wyandotte, were inspired to start painting rocks after Brenda’s granddaughter was mentioning another group in Florida doing something similar. The two decided to start painting and ‘hiding’ rocks around the area for others to find. Jan and Brenda both agreed to start a Facebook page and came up with a name “Downriver Rocks” to reflect their location near the Detroit River. Jan then decided to open the group to the public with overwhelming response! In the first 10 minutes they attained 20 participants, and as of today they are growing over the 1000 mark! Brenda says that people look for hope and inspiration and this is a small way to help others. She has recently painted several rocks and placed them around the hospital grounds in Wyandotte.

    As an artist herself, Jan felt this was therapeutic and uplifting along with a way to bring the community together. The objective is simple: paint and place rocks around the area for others to find in effort to brighten someone’s day. The rocks contain a note with instruction to keep the rock or relocate it for another to find. It is truly a feel good way of spreading joy and promoting warm fuzzy feelings.

    Jan is honored and humbled by the response. She is pleased to see the membership growing. She is also grateful for a special member of the group, Lori Styles, who found a similar rock in Rockwood. Touched by the find, Lori, in collaboration with Joyce from Biddle Blend, then took it upon herself to organize a painting workshop in Wyandotte for Downriver Rocks. An impromptu workshop, not knowing what to expect, Lori brought supplies and put together kits for anyone who needed them. Jan tells how she was delighted that everyone just showed up and started painting….she is pleased that “they get what it’s about.”

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    The workshop was a big success attracting more than 50 participants of all ages. Lori states “It brings people together, doing something selfless, and it’s good for my soul to see the smiling faces. You never know whose life may be changed just by finding one of our little rocks.” It is fun to see everyone posting their find on the group page. Now it appears this idea of kindness has been spreading to classrooms, church groups, awareness activists and nation wide!

    The art varies from simple to unique and down right fabulous! Artist, or not, everyone is welcome to participate in this family friendly experience. I was moved learning about these amazing women. I can not say enough good things about this wonderful and encouraging group.

    There is another workshop with Downriver Rocks scheduled at 6pm Tuesday May 9th at Biddle Blend. .Bring your own supplies or use the ones provided. $3 for adults, $2 for kids. Join in to spread the joy and meet some fantastic people! See you there!

    Biddle Blend is located at 3203 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte.

    All are welcome to join in and spread the joy.


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