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    Safe Haven Wealth Management

    Safe Haven Wealth Management

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    Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Distribution can be accomplished in a number of different ways, but most people are concluding that the conventional investment and financial planning strategies are just not as effective as they were in the past. Markets have changed and will continue to do so. That makes it even more difficult to have confidence that your investments will grow an acceptable rate of return, and that the next market correction won't take a big portion of your retirement account assets along with it. But what is the best strategy for wealth accumulation and income distribution? Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, ETF's, REIT's, silver, gold, real estate or insurance? How do you decide?

    What we do is provide A Clear Roadmap To Financial Success by implementing proven financial strategies that bring safety and predictability to your wealth accumulation plan, and significantly improve your chances for achieving financial peace of mind.

    Safe Haven Wealth Management offers a complete range of wealth management services. Our primary focuses include retirement planning, wealth accumulation and protection of wealth, 401k and IRA rollovers, helping small business owners utilize correct investments to fiancé business operations and real estate investments.

    Brian Teets of Safe Haven Wealth ManagementAbout Brian Teets

    Brian Teets has always been passionate about helping others. In every business or social undertaking, he considers helping others to be his primary profession and responsibility. For over 25 years - whether in a management position, instructing students in personal finance and accounting, or as a financial advisor - he has helped people of all ages and backgrounds better themselves through his training and mentoring.

    As a financial advisor, Brian is dedicated to educating his clients by offering them the appropriate tools and resources they need to make sound financial decisions. He is an independent financial advisor, not tied to any one insurance carrier. By working with over 50 product providers, he has the ability to research and recommend the best products for his clients and their specific needs.

    Brian holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University and an MBA from Davenport University. Past experiences as an entrepreneur and real estate investor supplement Brian’s resume with additional skills he utilizes to understand the individual needs of his clients, regardless of their background.

    Ever interested in continuing to develop his proficiency and knowledge, Brian stays abreast of the changing insurance and financial industries by avidly reading pertinent books and journals as well as attending leading edge conferences and seminars.

    Brian resides in Wyandotte with his wife and two young children. His favorite past times include spending time with his family and creating new memories through travel, summer boating and mountain biking.



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