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    Avoid Workout Mistakes

    Exersthetic Evolution = mind, body, movement. Yes, it’s a new term! This name comes from combining exercise with changing of the body for complete renewal to get results in your physical fitness and life changing goals. This program

    is user friendly and personalized just for you! Peter Haugabook, owner and certified personal trainer, says everybody has a general goal, but this is a different way to approach it. It’s taking the science of fitness to create programs for your individual needs. The same approach isn’t the same for everyone. This is why Exersthetic Evolution stands out from the rest!

    Peter grew up in Ohio and played sports in college. He became interested in body building and that is where his passion for strength and fitness grew. Several people were asking him for personal advice on body building and he saw this as a ‘calling’ or opportunity to take his knowledge and experience to help others with their goals. He became a certified instructor and then worked as a mobile trainer throughout the Metro Detroit and surrounding area for the past 20 years. Through this journey he found a love for Wyandotte; its growth, accessibility, and the supportive community which lead him and his family to become residents and open his business.

    Results are proof that Peter and his team help people reach their own individual goals. Specific short and long term goals are discussed at your first consultation and a program is created just for you! Peter personally takes you through your transformation, or as he calls it, “battles to achieve the war”, which means you must conquer your short term goals to take you to your larger goals. Everyone knows we have all tried and failed at some point, but these programs keep you motivated, on track, and are especially user friendly! Peter wants to ‘take the thinking out of it” which results in your success.

    Personal literally means ‘personal’ at Exersthetic Evolution as Peter creates a three step program including a 1-on-1 personal workout program, online program, & a food-specific, time-specific

    nutrition plan tailored to your daily schedule. Whether you work day or night, he personalizes a program that caters to only you, teaching you how to utilize time correctly and keep on the right path. Peter will also evaluate your personal progress and update your program for the best possible results.

    Exersthetic Evolution offers several fun, female friendly drop-in classes taught by their certified experts: Debbie Haugabook, Peter’s wife, will help get you get that beach body with the butts and guts class, Nikki Mendez instructs a motivating Barre class that combines dance with elements of ballet, pilates and yoga. Karen Poljanac, with 28 years experience, can take you through a fun fast-paced Tabata interval class, or get fit with Peter’s boxing boot camp. Exersthetic Evolution provides fitness challenges throughout the year to help keep people accountable and motivated. Classes run as low as $8 and personal training starts as low as $35!

    Goals big or small, Exersthetic Evolution is the place to help you reset, to improve your mind and body, and to reach and maintain your fitness goals. No more excuses! Business hours / appointments range from 4am to 9:30pm. Including Saturday and Sunday 5am to 1pm. Contact Peter for a consultation. You can view class schedules and register via their website or download their mobile app.

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