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    Thank You Chelsea Menswear

    By Peter Rose

    This is an exciting time for Wyandotte, with a massive amount of private money being invested, seemingly all at once.

    From Dr. Anne Abrahamson's building at Eureka to Whiskeys on the Water, from the upcoming Alvi's Barbecue to Total Health's beautiful restoration of the eyesore Gail's building that sat vacant for 12 years, from The Waterfront restaurant where Pier 500 sat for years to the new Salon Mischa, there is an amazing amount of great stuff happening, and it doesn't seem to be slowing.

    All of these great development are on top of the countless other great operations that make this business community hum. Daybreak Salon is a big improvement, we have a new brewpub coming, a bistro wine bar facing the river behind Yogurt Town, and more. It's really amazing!

    The Rose family, who owns Chelsea Menswear and Willow Tree, is ecstatic to see so much great business development happening downtown.

    The two clothing stores are mainstays of the downtown Wyandotte business district since 1943 and 1968, respectively. Today, these stores provide unique blends of apparel, shoes, accessories and more, along with a level of service that is not found easily, and especially so in our region.

    Both stores exist in the age of online shopping and mass-market, big box juggernauts, and they do it by focusing on the actual people who rely on knowledgeable and friendly assistance when they go shopping.

    Willow Tree is an eclectic blend of
    ready-to-wear apparel, from dresses to jeans. With great jewelry, accessories of all kinds, shoes and everything in between, the store offers a cool and easy assortment of womenswear in a warm and wonderful store on the corner of Biddle and Elm.

    Today, we're spotlighting Chelsea, though. Chelsea Menswear & Tuxedos offers menswear from head to toe as well, featuring suits and sport coats and everything a man needs to go with those items. With an exceptional tailor on site, Chelsea has everything a man needs to get really dressed. Tuxedo rentals are a big part of Chelsea's offerings as well, for proms, weddings and special events!

    The Rose family believes in Wyandotte, and believes in unity among merchants to offset the tendency of customers to head to where the national chains are.

    What we offer, both individually and collectively, is a unique, interesting and rewarding collection of independent and locally owned businesses that give Wyandotte a flavor found nowhere else. There are several shops offering women's apparel and/or accessories, for instance, and while there is competition, there is also recognition that we all need each other to create that compelling shopping destination experience.

    Support for all these locally owned businesses cannot be taken for granted. All of us must be one when it comes to presenting a united front, or we lessen the impact. One restaurant can be great and have its clientele, but 20-plus restaurants all doing their own thing extremely well — it's hard to resist, it's hard not to think, "Let's head to Wyandotte because there are so many choices!"

    It's the same with all the services and retail shops, where customers are treasured by the owners themselves and real conversations happen every day between real humans with real, specific needs.

    That's what "Local and Independent" is all about, and it's happening right here in Wyandotte!

    Third Friday events, staged by the Wyandotte Business Association, do wonders to broaden the awareness among Downriver folks that Wyandotte is where to go.

    Chelsea and Willow Tree tip our hats to the people in that organization that amplify the good things in Wyandotte, and that foster the unity that allows us to grow in the future.

    Shop Local, Shop Indie! When you do, instead of going to national chains of any kind, more than three times the cash stays local, circulating and percolating and helping everyone that lives, works and plays here.

    Knowing that YOU play such a crucial role in the economic health of our region is empowering and gratifying. When we know our efforts are good and worthwhile and that they are SO appreciated ... well, everyone wins!


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