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    The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen

    The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen, owned by 20 year old Drew Geer, started from humble beginnings. For 5 years,

    she made and sold her pierogies inside of Joe’s Hamburgers in Downtown Wyandotte. Her pierogies were a huge hit: everyone loved them. So, she decided to start on her own business venture to open her own restaurant.

    She opened her shop on October 1, 2014, after almost completely gutting and remodeling the interior. The atmosphere of her shop is very homely. It’s a snug, cozy atmosphere with few tables and chairs to hold 16 dine-in guests. The walls are mostly unclad, except for some original art from local artists. However, she is very open about her pierogi-making. The kitchen itself is open, so customers can watch in awe as the pierogies and crepe batter are made one-hundred percent from scratch, everyday.

    The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen reflects their homelike atmosphere through their food and drinks and customer service. For her one year in business, she celebrated by having a customer appreciation day. The staff is small, yet very welcoming and friendly. The homemade pierogies come in traditional flavors that spark the feeling of eating home cooked food like your Central European grandma would make. However, Drew also offers non-traditional flavors that she creates herself. She is continuously working on new items for her menu. Her crepe varieties are made in sweet or savory, and to incorporate her hometown, she named most of them after street names in Wyandotte. Thus, in total The Little Crepe & Pierogi offers over 10 different pierogi varieties, and over 12 different crepe varieties. She offers only Old Fashioned Faygo and real cane sugar Pepsi -- all in glass bottles.

    The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen is located on 125 Elm Street in Downtown Wyandotte. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-8pm. pierogies can be purchased cold for $1 or cooked (pan-fried in butter with sautéed onions) for $1.50. Sweet crepes are $5 each, and savory crepes are $6 each. Carryout is offered, and pre-orders are available for parties and holiday. Cash only. Call 734-639-0877 to order.

    Located at:
    125 Elm Street, Wyandotte MI 48192
    (734) 639-0877
    Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm

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